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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – P – Playing

Pushing Daisies was a short lived, but totally hilarious concoction from Bryan Fuller that had the misfortune of making it to ABC’s prime time schedule just before the 1999 writer’s strike. It makes no difference whether we as viewers are … Continue reading

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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – K – Knocking

The Big Bang Theory could easily be its own Theme for someone to use during their A to Z posting attempt. The four brilliant scientists trying to deal with the normal and average world create tons of laughs with even … Continue reading

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State of Affairs – A review

NBC has the newest political spy thriller on television and it stars a former surgical resident who could not keep her diva personality in check so as a result she sabotaged what should have been a golden career in movies … Continue reading

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