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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – J – Joey

When I came to this one I thought wow, I could do a whole month simply on Joeyisms, or Joey’s explanations of life. Maybe I will try that next year as a different theme. For this year it is the … Continue reading

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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – F – Feeling

Does anyone remember the little show that could about a judge dealing with night court defendants that played on NBC in the late 1980s? This is where my choice for the letter F of this year’s A to Z challenge is … Continue reading

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2015 A to Z Theme Reveal – Favorite Scenes and Quotes

Welcome to my 2015 A to Z Theme Reveal for Movies, TV and Streaming, Oh My. In 2013 I took part in my initial A to Z challenge and did not put as much thought into how I wanted to … Continue reading

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What Price Comedy? – Saturday Night Live Tramples Propriety

Since the dawn of time man has sought relief from the vagaries of life through laughter. To be sure there are all degrees of comedy, from the physicality of the Three Stooges to the often very subtle word jabs thrown … Continue reading

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When the Anchor Fails the Ship Will Drift

How do you like my choice of metaphor? The picture of the ship floating away seems appropriate here. Of course all this refers back to the situation the evening news anchor for NBC, Bryan Williams, find himself in at this … Continue reading

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