From the moment I first saw a television set it was love. I have been told I have a bit of an obsession/addiction to television. Okay, well as far as i know that is not inherently going to lead to a shorter life or ruin. As a matter of fact it leads to quite a number of opportunites to open discussions on a range of topics due to my breadth of knowledge of television programs over the years.

I can claim the same thing for movies. I think the  first grown up movie I ever saw was Smokey and the bandit, with Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jackie Gleason playing one of my favorite movie characters of all time, Sheriff Buford T. Justice. With the help of the Internet Movie Database or IMDB I have developed a keen sense of who has been in what movie somewhat like Pierce Brosnan used to do when he played Remington Steele or the way Tony DiNozzo does now on NCIS.

With the growth of the streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime I have come to embrace another outlet for entertainment with an ever burgeoning list of titles to enjoy. Here i will share my loves and thoughts about all thing TV, movies and media.


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