Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – P – Playing

pPushing Daisies was a short lived, but totally hilarious concoction from Bryan Fuller that had the misfortune of making it to ABC’s prime time schedule just before the 1999 writer’s strike. It makes no difference whether we as viewers are bitter due to the results that sabotaged some great shows like Pushing Daisies, because the writers got what they wanted in the end and those that lost were just considered casualties of the war.

For 30 episodes however, Lee Pace, Anna Freel, Swoosie Kurtz, Kristin Chenoweth and Chi McBride tickled our collective funny bones with their fabulous comedic work. The premise of the show was that the main character, Ned, had the ability to touch dead things and bring them back to life. One touch life, two touches death. Chi McBride plays Emerson Cod a detective willing to use Ned’s gift to solve crimes and collect the rewards. The complication is when Ned brings the love of his life back from the beyond and has no intention of touching her ever again.

In the scene I chose the three of them are in the funeral home and Ned has started the 60 second clock in which he must send the newly revived back to dead or another must take their place. Emerson quickly does the math and realizes he needs to get out of Dodge.

This is not the last time Emerson Cod will echo his famous catch phrase that follows when he realizes his possible impending doom. I hope you got the opportunity to watch this fantastic comedy.

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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2016 – S – Sesame

When I considered the theme for This blog for the A to Z this particular scene was the one I most wanted to share. I originally planned to do this in 2015, but as documented in other piosts had some personal tragedies that interrupted that effort. During 2015 with the basic plan you could include video. I thought I would provide the link through YouTube to the Bugs Bunny classic that contains this famous (at least to me) line.

I have not done the research to determine the name of the specific Bugs Bunny cartoon that holds this favorite of mine, but basically it is a desert themed episode with a sabre wielding lackey who accesses a cave by saying the magic words “Open Sesame!” I did find the video on YouTube and you can see it through this link: https://www.google.com/#q=bugs+bunny+open+sesame+video.


I suppose there is some similarity to the way I think about this phrase and the idea presented in Star Wars as Obi Wan Kenobi uses the force. Anytime I approach an automatic door that opens when I trip the sensor I find myself saying “Open Sesame ” under my breath and or waving my hand as Obi Wan might. Just confirmation that our entertainment invades our consciousness in many ways.

I try to make it a habit to visit the blog of anyone who comments. So if you have stuck around l9ong enough to read this do it and I will come see your blog!


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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2016 – Neo

nI don’t remember how long after the movie the Matrix came out in the theaters it was when I actually viewed this eye-popping special effects laden film. But I absolutely loved the casting of Keanu Reeves in the role of the One (Yes, I agree, One spelled backwards is Eno, not Neo).In a post-apocalyptic world controlled by machines (anyone recall the Terminator?) Neo is supposed to be the savior. Well, as a Christian, I know that the real Savior does not run around in sweat shirts one minute and long black trench coats the next.

But the concept from a purely entertainment standpoint was intriguing. Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus was genius and you also had Carrie Ann Moss. If I have to explain that, then there may be some trouble. I also dearly loved Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. Probably my favorite line is “Mr. Anderson, we’ve been expecting you!”anderson

It seems that WordPress has changed their site and do not allow you to add video without having a more detail package, so if you crave hearing the words you will have to trail off to Youtube, after commenting, of course and take a peek!

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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – L – Live

I am a massive sports fan. A big part of a sports fan experience is compased pf the way a sporting contest is related by the guys in the booth calling the action. There have been so many iconic voices I have loved over the years. I am a long time fan of the Cincinnati Reds and Marty Brenneman has been calling their games fpr decades. Then you can consider Al Michaels, John Madden, Frank Gifford, Jim Nance and others.

Perhaps the one that is standing out now as he reaches the pinnacle of his career is the voice of Brent Musberger. He is the big time voice ESPN trots out for their high value games. His trademark line is something you will hear at the beginning of the broadcast when he sets the scene: :You are looking live at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana” for example.

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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – K – Knocking

The Big Bang Theory could easily be its own Theme for someone to use during their A to Z posting attempt. The four brilliant scientists trying to deal with the normal and average world create tons of laughs with even the most innocuous of pursuits. Sheldon alone is one of the funniest characters in history, more than stupendously played by Jim Parsons.

I won’t hesitate to admit a little writer jealousy at the brilliance in crafting Sheldon’s three knock sequence. While he consistently uses it with everyone, his interaction with Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) is the stuff of comedic magic. Penny plays the average blonde with not so much going on upstairs to perfection and is a perfect foil for the ultra-brilliant Dr. Cooper.

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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – J – Joey

When I came to this one I thought wow, I could do a whole month simply on Joeyisms, or Joey’s explanations of life. Maybe I will try that next year as a different theme. For this year it is the scene from Episode where Joey finally puts together the clues to determine Moica and Chandler are dating. Matt Leblanc was a pure unknown talent when cast with the other five young actors and actresses to form one of the most iconic group of friends in television history.

Over the next decade this cast created a comedic masterpiece like none other before or after. The laughs came in all forms and from any direction and each cast member had their own method. Matt LeBlanc played the lovable, dense neighbor that had such a simplistic view of all the things that went on with the group.

In my mind the quintessential episode was The One With the Kips. This is the episode where poor Joey figures out the huge secret, that Chandler and Monica are dating. Monica and Chandler go to Atlantic City and there is some hilarity involving a missing eyelash curler that clues Joey in.


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Favorite Scenes and Quotes – A to Z 2015 – I – Intense

I was aware of Keanu Reeves when Speed roared into theaters in the Summer of 1994. He had been in Point Break and other projects, so his face was not new. But Sandra Bullock would kick off a great career with her role as the Arizona Wildcat roped into the revenge plot of a disgruntled police retiree determined to get his due through terrorism.

When the movie begins Reeves and Bullock are strangers and over the course of the movie as their lives are threatened again and again they develop a bond. The scene I favor is one where they have just escaped the explosive rigged bus by way of a wheeled cart and finally feel they might just survive the ordeal.

Annie (Bullock) tells Jack (Reeves) “I have heard that relationships built on intense events never last. This scene is only a prelude to more  action as the villain, Dennis Hopper goes after Annie to try to get his money. Only after Jack finally dispatches him and saves himself and Annie from death does he get the chance to deliver this line to her at the end of the movie. I though I would be able to find a YouTube clip  of this, but alas I could not.

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